This is a Windows Server hosted system that you can run from anywhere. Yes, that includes devices that run on Android, Apple's IOS, Linux and any OS that can support a RDP, including a protected web page portal connection. We offer a fully hosted solution for you and all for a special intro price (Call us) for 2 users for the first year. Initial commitment is a 3 year contract and after that, you can auto renew or cancel . Your data will be emailed to you in a format that MS Excel can read. Our Special offer comes complete with training and support. Importing compatible data from another system may carry an additional cost. Call us at

Let us quote you to your specific needs. We will tailor make a quote after you have provided the details of your requirements.

It can be both hosted or self hosted. (Your choice)

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

If your looking for a little Pezaz in your Accounting software.

Look no further.

References available by Email request only.

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