Welcome to our easy to use Small Business Resource Management with Point of Sale and much more.

Integrated Networked Computerized Accounting (INCA) is an incredibly easy to use Windows based POS and Retail Management Software.

We could give you the technical specs and tell you that our software is a very scalable yet very powerful Windows 32/64 application, its back end is powered by SAP's Advantage Database Server ISAM/SQL for pure speed and power, its front end is developed in Alaska's Xbase++ with a full WYSIWYG report writer from List and Labels, which completes this immensely robust and  fully integrated system for a wide range of retail and service environments.

Or we could tell you in plain English that it's REALLY REALLY EASY TO USE and that we have a software solution for every type of business (and you can tell your computer systems people to read the technical jargon themselves if they want).

No matter what kind of business you are running, our Windows based Resource Management software is one of the easiest, most intuitive and least frustrating of all the different types of available software out there.

Our Resource Management Software is Windows based and is incredibly simple to navigate, to understand and to use and is easily configurable to your business. You don't need to be a computer expert to use the INCA (Integrated Networked Computerized Accounting) software and keep track of your daily business activities.

Here are some basic features of Inca 32, our Integrated Networked Computerized Accounting software.

Each application can be tailored to your specific requirements as Inca is SAAS based system (Software As A Service), or you can simply use it as it is.




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